May 18, 2015 Rotary Program


David NesbittToday at Rotary, we had the pleasure of hearing from David Nesbitt on the local chapter of the Order of the Purple Heart. He is one of 28 members of our local chapter. They are small but working hard to support veterans in the community. Last year during Christmas, they raised money to buy gift cards to help our solders at Shaw give Christmas to their families. The main way they raise the funds for their projects is through direct donations.

He went on to talk about his time in the Army during Vietnam where he received his Purple Heart. He left Sumter to head to Fort Jackson with two busloads of peo-ple. He was sure they would put him in the engineers because of his construction background but he said that he did a little too well on the target shooting and was assigned to the infantry. He later told us that you should never volunteer for any-thinPurple Heartg in the military because he did and went to the NCO academy and went straight into the jungle upon graduation. The unit he left became advisors to the South Vietnamese Army and stayed in hotels in the city.

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