May 11, 2015 Rotary Program

Today at Rotary, we had the pleasure of hearing from Dr. Jim Overton. He spent 25 years as a high school jimPiccounselor. After he retired, he founded College Consultants of South Carolina. College is all about fit. How does it fit the students learning method, does it have that feeling, does it offer the major they desire? However, it is also about the financial fit for the parents. He said we could count on three things in life: death, taxes, and raising college tuition. Most colleges are accepting most of the students that apply. Only one school in our state accepts less than 50% of applicants. A parent cannot control need based aid but they can help increases merit based aid. Dr. Overton suggested that you pay attention to the brackets and aim to meet them, and keep improving if you are close. Also, do not forget about the South Carolina Lottery Scholarships that all students should strive to get and keep. There are ways to help lower the cost of college, but one must be informed and start early.

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