Community Beautification

Rotary Plaza SumterThe Sumter Rotary Club has a long history of collaborating with other civic minded organizations to improve our community. Our club raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Rotary Centennial Plaza that brightens the heart of downtown Sumter at the intersection of Main and Liberty Streets. Funded and constructed by all three of Sumter’s Rotary Clubs as a community service project, Centennial Plaza occupies the former location of the historic Solomons building.

With its umbrella-sheltered bandstand, it serves as a venue for small concerts, a game area during public celebrations, and an intimate outdoor dining spot for nearby restaurants.  Citizens daily enjoy the brick paving and splashing fountain as they walk through downtown, eat nearby, or just relax during a busy day of work or shopping.

We support Sumter Green by sponsoring the Shaw Air Force Base interchange on Highway 521 as well as the “Welcome to Sumter” sign and greenspace on Highway 521 in South Sumter.IMG_2224

We also participate in the PalmettoPride Adopt-a-Highway program.