Support Salvation Army

Rotary Bell Ring 2014Each year, the Sumter Rotary Club raises thousands of dollars in support of the Salvation Army.

Each Rotarian is asked to give just one hour on a given day to share in the spirit of the holidays and giving back to the Sumter community.

Here are some tips for successful bell ringing:

  • If your kettle fills up or you experience any problems while you are ringing, please call the kettle driver.  The phone number will be at your kettle location.
  • Dress appropriately for our South Carolina winter.  Also, please remember that kettle stands must stay in their proper position and cannot be moved.
  • Stores want an optimum experience for customers.  Greet customers with a smile and the holiday greeting of your choice.  Thank people for their donations.  Bell ringers are best received in small numbers; 1 or 2 is ideal.
  • Salvation Army policies prohibit smoking, eating, alcohol and weapons at kettle sites.
  • HAVE FUN!  Salvation Army bell ringers are an icon of the Christmas season, and pleasant and polite ringers spread the holiday spirit and ensure that businesses will welcome us back in upcoming years.